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Supercharge Your Google Local Listings

Stop Waiting on Traditional Search Engine OptimizationLooking for a shortcut to the top of the Google search listings? Tired of waiting on normal search engine optimization techniques to take effect?It’s well known that over 90% of people searching at Google and the other search engines never make it past the first page of results. As a matter of fact, about 47% click on the #1 result! The other 43% of searchers that click a link on the first page of their results are split between the #2 to #10 results. So it’s obvious that gaining a top listing will get you an inordinate amount of the traffic from any search on your target keywords.Did you know you can skip the entire search engine optimization process and skyrocket to the top of the Google results by using Google Local Listings? Simply by claiming your business in the Google Local Business Center, you can get higher rankings than the industry leaders that spend thousands every month on their search engine optimization efforts.Google Local Search BasicsMany people believe that Google determines search rankings simply by measuring how popular the site is. They figure the sites in the top positions got that way because a lot of people visit those sites. And the more visitors the sites get, the higher they rank in the results.But this is just one (very small) factor that Google uses! It’s not just a simple popularity contest. The Google spiders evaluate all the words on your site’s pages and determine which keywords you should be ranked for. Then, when someone searches for those keywords, they present the sites that use those keywords most effectively. In addition, the spiders count how many other sites on the internet have linked to your site. Those inbound links as they’re called are considered votes for your site. The more you have the better…especially if the links use the same keywords the searcher used.Using Google Local Listings to Quickly Get to the TopWhen Google presents search results to people that have shown local intent in their request, they put a special box in the results page that shows just the local results. Depending on how well the local businesses match the search request determines whether this box is placed on top of the natural search results or somewhere else on the page. But the box is always displayed prominently so searchers won’t miss it.Performing careful keyword research enables you to optimize your Google local listings. So when searchers search for the keywords you’re targeting, your listing will be prominently displayed above all the natural results.Supercharging Your Local ListingsWe discussed how important inbound links are to search engine optimization and top rankings in natural search. While the ranking of local business listings within a search result does not depend on inbound links, it does depend on what are known as citations. A citation is similar to an inbound link and the number of citations your site has matching the information in your Google local listings, the higher you’ll rank.How do you get citations? The easiest way is to go what Google considers the major data providers, which are sites like the Yellow Pages Directory, Yelp, and others. Double-check the information each of these sites have on your business matches what you have in your Google local listings. This will provide you many trusted citations and insure they corroborate what you’ve entered into Google yourself.